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Recently, I spoke with an attorney in Austin, who told me that there was absolutely no way whatsoever that I could solve a legal problem facing my son.  Well … he was competely wrong.  I know that because I was smart enough to seek a second opinion, and lucky enough to find Rachel Rogers to give me that opinion. To put it succinctly, she informed me that, yes, together, we could solve that problem, and then we proceeded to do just that.  I can, without reservation, highly recommend Ms. Rogers.  She is very knowledgeable, not just about the law in general, but about how the local court system functions.  She is attentive to the case at hand, is a good listener, and is uniformly compassionate.  She keeps her clients informed, and responds expeditiously to requests for updates.  Furthermore, she is proactive in helping her clients find solutions to their legal and/or logistical problems.  On top of all that, she is just a very pleasant, very respectable human! – Terry A.

When I received my DWI in Austin it took forever to see a judge.  Rachel was absolutely fantastic in the process.  Her office totally follows the “no news is good news” saying but anytime I had a question they were quick to respond and detailed in any requests they had from me.  I am so thankful I was given Rachel’s information when searching for an attorney in Austin! Although I hope I will never need an attorney again I’d definitely be giving her a call if need be!  Thanks so much for everything you did Rach!  I don’t know what kind of mess I’d be in without you! – Taylor D.

Rachel D. Rogers is a very professional lawyer. I highly recommend her. She made me feel like I was in excellent hands from the first minute we met. She was down to earth and understanding the whole entire time. She also had both of my cases dismissed. This woman is what you want!!!! – Mackenzie H.

Rachel Rogers was referred to me by another law firm that she worked for, in the past. Rachel met with us without an appointment. We talked about my daughter’s case and she told us not to worry, that she had prior experience working legal cases in Hays County. We left her office with a sense of confidents that Rachel would get the job done.  Rachel resolved our legal problem within a few months with Hays County, saving us time and money.

Through this experience Rachel Rogers as proven to me that she can get the job done.

Thanks. – Alma and Nohely P.

Rachel D. Rogers is nothing short of AMAZING. This was my first time dealing with a criminal case and was extremely worried, nervous, and anxious about my future. After hiring Rachel all of my negative feelings disappeared, as she continually assured me not to worry and that she would not stop fighting for me until we arrived at the desired outcome. Anytime I called her with a concern or question, she was there for me and put my worried mind at ease. Seven months after I was charged, Rachel was able to get my case DISMISSED. I could not have asked for a better, more experienced, down-to-Earth attorney than Rachel. I believe she truly is an Angel. Thank you so much Rachel! – Oscar Z.

I hired Rachel Rogers through the previous law firm she was working with, and have nothing but the best to say about her. She was able to achieve an outcome above and beyond what I expected, and she gave me all her information to contact her if I have any future issues with my case. From watching her in the courtroom, it’s clear she has a great deal of experience, and beyond that, has an excellent relationship with judges, other defense attorneys, and prosecutors. Now that she has her own firm, I believe the experience for her clients will improve even further. I can’t recommend her more strongly, and I am sure she will be extremely successful in her new practice. – Adrian Z.

Rachel is an absolutely *outstanding* lawyer. I felt like she truly took an interest in my case, and she made me feel like I was actually being cared for. I did not feel like I was simply just another case that was being shuffled through the system, instead, I felt like Rachel was compassionate and realistic while providing a sincere human interest. I would recommend her for absolutely anyone ever needing legal assistance if you’re looking for someone both highly intelligent and altruistic. Just amazing. – Ashley E.

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